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A PRELUDE: Cotonex was founded in 1990 by S Ramesh.Having worked in the textile industry for many years, his love for yarn and process from spinning to final product making imparted him the skill and experience involved in the craftsmanship. This encouraged him to start Cotonex in Karur, a major home textile centre. Karur is one of the oldest towns in Tamil Nadu ,India.

Cotonex is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of home textile products and furnishings since 1990. The company offers wide range of home textile products with highest quality standards, fascinating designs,competitive pricing and timely delivery schedule.


Sustainability to us means beyond the manufacturing facilities.
We look at our business as an opportunity to add value in multiple ways to people, product and the environment.To build business through sustainable relationship is at the core of our values.Mutual respect,flexibility, with people with in the company ,with our business partners and those who we collaborate with ,has helped us grow over these years.

Harnessing the power of nature : We believe every natural energy saved is every energy gained. We have zero liquid discharge (ZLD).Our factory is equipped with waste water treatment plant that recycles the water for our reuse. We are a solar powered factory.

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