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 Directors Desk

Greetings and welcome to Cotonex . Please allow to present our company profile and our goals in brief as we present our product range to you. 

We established Cotonex in 1990 with an aim to provide manufacturing service and display competency in the textiles and home furnishing sector to meet the requirements of the ever growing global demands.

Ever since then we have an outstanding record of designing, developing & producing great products that cater to our customers requirements. Our factory is located in Karur,Tamilnadu state in India. 

We believe that creating potential business growth begins with cultivating compassion, respect, and integrity at a human level with in the company and all the business partners. Diversity is one of our core values, and we strive to inspire our employees to be forces of positive change in the world and develop a working relationship internally in the company and all our business partners.

We have exceptional production facilities with global standards to achieve the highest standards of excellence in production with social responsibility.

I am pretty certain that with the dynamic teamwork of all our staff, we will be able to provide you the best of our services.

Best Wishes

S. Ramesh

Managing Director


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